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How Simple Mini Habits Can Change Your Life

Posted by on July 26, 2014

There are forces outside of yourself that try to steer you in a direction that you haven’t necessarily chosen. Mainstream media, religious organizations, politics, the education system all fight for your attention and a piece of real estate in your mind. However, every time there is something that encourages people to think for themselves and find happiness and peace within themselves, it appears to be a treat. 

Remember this…

You may loose your money, reputation, friends, husband, wife,boyfriend or girlfriend.
You WILL lose your parents. You’ll change homes, cities,
friends…. There will be new presidents, new laws, and the
economy will change.

But there is ONLY one thing that will stay with you for the
rest of your life:

Your MIND and your BODY.

What does that tell you?

I believe in putting all your focus and attention on the
things that matter the most and will never change.

It should be your highest priority to master your MIND and your
BODY–to not let any other entity decide for you what you should
think or do.

The next level is when we remove made-men distractions to
focus on what’s essential.

Operate in the world from a place of love and compassion.

Listen. I want you to do something.

Tap your finger on the screen of your phone or your laptop or
whatever device you’re using to read this message.

Please do it now.

Tap on the screen several times.

You hear that sound?

This is the sound of the wall of your invisible jail.

More and more, we’re living life through the screen of our
phones, tablets, TV, and laptops without realizing that
they’re the walls that prevent us from experiencing life at
its fullest!

We spend time checking that screen instead of looking within.

We’re bombarded with messages from groups who try to influence
us and make life more complicated than it is.

This creates a lot of stress and anxiety, and many men have a
hard time finding a direction in their life in the midst of it

Here are a few things you can do to break free from this
invisible jail:

1. When you wake up in the morning, do NOT check your emails,
phone, TV, or any electronic device. Get a glass of water, eat,
and spend 10 to 20 minutes in solitude, breathing and thinking
about your life or meditating.

2. Get a note pad and a pen. Set 15 minutes on your phone timer
and write 10 goals that are important to you and do what is
recommend by Brian Tracy in this video:

3. Exercise everyday for at least 15 minutes. Run, lift weights,
do some sport–anything that moves your body. This will oxygenate
your brain and give you clarity of mind.

4. Practice mindful eating. Start paying attention to what you
eat and how you eat it. Some food gives life, others give death.
By asking yourself what you’re about to put into your body,
you’ll become more and more aware of your diet choices. Also,
eat slowly and without watching a screen (TV, laptop or phone).

These are simple steps that can change your life in as little
as a week.

You’ll start experiencing calm and clarity, and cut the noise of
the world to listen to the whisper of your soul.

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