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Can golf shape a person?

Posted by on August 30, 2014
I’ve just started playing golf again and the mind set reminds me how much this game shapes you as a person with regards to freedom, Health and energy, Mind mastery, Personal responsibility and Resilience. I have readers all over the world, and I know that, if you’re reading this blog, you probably made a commitment to live a better life and not settle for less than you know you deserve — I want to acknowledge you for that.
One thing that thrills me and lends meaning to my mission is to give you every day an unfair advantage over the other wimpy and uninspiring people. I believe that daily wisdom mixed with daily action can move mountains. I consider myself a self-made man in the sense that I live on my own terms and thrive on designing a life that I choose, not that society chose for me. It’s not harder to live on your terms than to live on other people terms. Over the past few months, I’ve developed a formula to help you become a self-made and free person.

#1 Entrepreneurship and Financial Freedom

It’s hard to be a free man if you work for someone else or if you are in debt. Both are indirect forms of slavery. Keep your finances straight (there are loads of books on the topic) and start to mind your own business–even if it’s only creating a second stream of income, you’re ahead of the game.

#2 Health and Energy

Designing and building your life demands stamina and energy. Don’t fool yourself,  your body has a lot to do with your results in life. From your eating habits to exercising, everything counts toward making sure you get the most out of and for yourself.

#3 Master Your Mind

Your mind is not always your best friend. It’s a meaning-producing machine that can turn you into a wimp or coward in a matter of seconds. Eighty percent of success in life comes from your psychology and how you talk to yourself. I have my doubts and worries, just like everybody else, but it’s important to develop a clear vision and become an expert on yourself so you can turn negative emotions into opportunities.

#4 Personal Responsibility

This is the key that unlocks all the doors of your life. Everything you do in life is directly linked to your level of personal responsibility. Ironically, this is the hardest to accept for 80 percent of people (understand now why only 20 percent truly live their life on their own terms?). It starts by making a firm decision that you won’t blame anyone or anything for where you are in life today and that you’re solely responsible for your results and your happiness. Scary concept at the beginning, but in reality, truly liberating.

#5 Resilience

If days are the bricks of your life, then resilience is the cement that hold them together and prevents the whole thing from collapsing. Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune. It’s something that we all have.

Anyway back to my game of golf…

Dave Pamah starts playing golf again

Dave Pamah starts playing golf again

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