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Psychology of Motivations

Posted by on October 7, 2015

At last weeks book signing in London I read a passage about one of the most traumatic days of my firefighting career form my book ‘Firefighting from within’. The chapter is called ‘Psychology of Motivations’ and you can see it on this months video blog (vlog). To learn more you can check out my book “Firefighting from within”, meanwhile here is the transcript from the video blog:

“In October 1999, I suffered one of the most traumatic days of my career. At the Ladbrook Grove Rail accident site, the flames are close to fifty feet tall. Myself and my FELLOW FIREFIGHTERS have to use ladders to scale security fencing that is twelve feet high. Carriage H is burning ferociously, and there is little hope that anyone in there will be able to come out alive. We was ordered to redirect the fire hoses toward a Thames Trains coach, where SIX VICTIMS are trapped. Once the fire is extinguished, Myself and my crew spend four hours cutting the casualties free. I was touched by the experience but saddened as well. Firefighters, like myself and my crew, just do what needs to be done, even in the face of sadness and adversity. To get someone to do something, the person either needs to see a potential personal gain or have a fear of losing something. Regarding the former, people either want to gain wealth, power, knowledge, or honour; regarding the latter, fear can be healthy. To move forward, a person needs several things: the desire to do so; the willingness to make it happen; the courage to believe in oneself; the determination to pursue extraordinary achievement in one’s life; the achievement of potential; an adventurous spirit; the ability to push past self-limitations; the ability to take risks; and the ability to thrive in challenging situations.”


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