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Dave Pamah’s “Firefighting From Within” To Hit Asia Soon

Posted by on August 9, 2017

Dave Pamah is set to release “Firefighting From Within” in Asia, bringing forth his work to help anyone, regardless of background, age, or location, fight against bullying. Pamah is not only set to launch his latest book in Asia, he will be signing the book on upcoming dates across the region.
Millions of children, and young people struggle with bullying, not knowing what to do or to whom to turn. Dave Pamah knows what it’s like to face off against bullies, and was able to overcome by turning to athletics at a young age. Through physical exercise, nutrition, and discipline, Dave was able to overcome the issues of childhood, and achieve great success in athletics. He is an advocate for exercise and nutrition. But that’s not all.
Pamah has channeled his energies into helping others achieve greatness, just like he has. He has garnered a great deal of experience as an athlete, but also in the course of 25 years, helping save lives, as a firefighter. Harnessing the years of being a top-level athlete, and 25 years of being a firefighter and leader within the ranks of the Fire Brigades Union, Pamah highlights stellar ideas on how to tackle life’s more challenging issues.
“Firefighting From Within” gives inspiration, and real-life lessons from Pamah’s life and career. Focusing on real world examples, Pamah has found a way to share some of the toughest of lessons through his writing, and it will now be available in Asia.
There are millions of individuals struggling to overcome life’s obstacles, and don’t know how to wrestle with many issues. Dave Pamah’s book focuses on how to face the giants in life head on, with an approach that is not only concrete, it’s proven from his own life. Taking on fires, training, and getting back up when life throws something that knocks you down is the premise of the book, and Pamah’s own personal life. He shares it openly in this book, and is set to share his story with the world, including Asia.
“Firefighting From Within” is not just Pamah’s story, it’s his life, and mission. To help others in any way possible, and often times it’s to see things from the inside out. Anyone that meets Pamah and hears his story and passion for helping others, will no doubt want to read his book and take on the giants in their own lives.
Dave Pamah’s website has further information on the book, blog posts about current events, and a lot more. Visit the page for updates on the Asia book launch, and signings that will occur soon.
About Dave Pamah
Dave Pamah is a premier athlete, firefighter of 25 years, and has committed his life to helping others. His book “Firefighting From Within” is available now. You can find more information via, and via his social media links.


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