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So you wanna be a firefighter?

How to Become a Firefighter Sounds like a career filled with action, doesn’t it? Being the hero of the day, running into smoke-laden buildings, rescuing the public from the burning flames, and being nominated for the Pride of Britain Awards. By the way, don’t expect to get any awards. As a fire fighter all the … Continue reading »

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Alexandria Agresta the Purpose Pioneer

I am very exited to announce the launch of my very first podcast called Alex Agresta the Purpose Pioneer. Alexandria Agresta is Chief Purpose Pioneer at Purpose Pioneers. Alexandria believes in creating purposeful communities where people feel a sense of belonging and are empowered to create real human connection. In this episode, Alexandra talks abut the … Continue reading »

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Cardiovascular fitness for golf

I wrote a blog last year explaining how running helped my firefighting career. Well, since I’ve retired as a firefighter I have been playing a lot of golf and I can say that running has also improved my golf too! Here is why: The aerobic cardiovascular system consists of the heart, lungs, and blood. This … Continue reading »

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Three Reasons Why You Need a Coach

I’ve just “soft” launched my coaching company this year and there are three reasons why you need a coach: Personal Growth: Take advantage of those who’ve walked the path before you. There’s much to be learned from those who’ve been there and done it before us. Sure, times have changed over the years in how we … Continue reading »

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How Oprah compares to Trump

Oprah Winfrey has more in common with Donald Trump than you might think. In several key ways, she even beats him at his own game.After a powerful speech on sexual harassment at the Golden Globes Sunday, many of Winfrey’s fans took to the Internet to call on her to run for president against Trump in 2020. So how do Trump … Continue reading »

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Warm wishes from Dave Pamah this holiday season – Happy Holidays

As the days grow shorter and dimmer, there’s still light in our eyes and love in our hearts. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you, your family, your friends and your social media contacts the best for the holidays whichever ones you celebrate. The key to holiday joy is to share time with … Continue reading »

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Look after your health and your health will look after you…

I haven’t been well lately and was hospitalized for 10 days until yesterday after having an operation to remove a bladder stone. ( See pics below ). It’s important to look after your general wellbeing, but it’s easy to forget to do this when you’re busy or distracted. Check out these easy tips for looking after … Continue reading »

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Dave Pamah gives firefighting lecture to poor kids in Philippine School

Following my Asia book launch in Manila, I was approached by a school director of a school in Cavite, a province in the Philippines just outside Manila, to give a lecture to the kids during their” resiliency about firefighting” month which I gladly accepted to do. They say a picture paints a thousand words so … Continue reading »

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How to Deal with Workplace Bullies

I have just finished the last day of my Asia book launch at the Manila International Book Fair and many people were asking me after my talk, “How did you do it?” How did you manage to stay in your job after years and years of abuse and discrimination?” Well there is no ‘one size fits all’ … Continue reading »

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Dave Pamah’s book tour in Asia has begun

Finally!! I have officially launched my book in Asia with the Opening ceremony of the Manila International Book Fair today. In case you don’t know already, you can get a signed copy between 13-17 Sep  at SMX Convention center, Seashell Lane, Mall of Asia Complex, 1300 Pasay City, Manila, Philippines. Wristbands will be also distributed at Booth No. IP 5 on Aisle … Continue reading »

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