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How Oprah compares to Trump

Oprah Winfrey has more in common with Donald Trump than you might think. In several key ways, she even beats him at his own game.After a powerful speech on sexual harassment at the Golden Globes Sunday, many of Winfrey’s fans took to the Internet to call on her to run for president against Trump in 2020. So how do Trump … Continue reading »

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Everything that happened at the Rio Games

Bolt’s triple treble, GB’s great medal haul, Phelps’ showstopper, Lochte’s shenanigans, Fiji’s first gold, boos, empty seats, a green pool: we’ve got it all Rio Olympics medal table and results in full The Brazilian flag waves off the 2016 Olympics during Sunday’s closing ceremony. Photograph: Pawel Kopczynski/Reuters The big picture Rio was thrilled to be hosting … Continue reading »

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Are the Rio 2016 Olympics safe?

Has 4 years really passed since London 2012? It seems like only yesterday the country was swept up with celebrity torch bearers, Mo Farah, the Queen jumping out of a helicopter, 65 Team GB medals and of course 29 gold post boxes! Today is the first official day of Rio 2016 and I can’t wait … Continue reading »

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Can rapid urbanisation act as a catalyst for development and growth in Africa?

More than half of Africans could live in cities by 2050, but how will this affect development? Well I am a British citizen through birth and I also have Mauritius Citizenship through my father and I can only give you my take — Mauritius is a model of true democracy for every African country. It’s … Continue reading »

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The Canada wildfire in Alberta

My thoughts are with the people of Canada affected by the recent wildfire that has gone out of control with thousands of people facing their second evacuation in three days. I’m hoping the cooler temperatures and rain that is on forecast, will make it easier to contain the fire. The situation so far: 49 wildfires … Continue reading »

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Fire and Explosion at temples in India

It’s sad to hear that just over one week after the Kolkata flyover disaster, India had another disaster yesterday with a fire and explosion at the Kollam Temple Killing more that 100 people. Nearly 400 others were injured at the Puttingal temple in Paravur when a faulty firework fell onto a large stockpile of fireworks. A building … Continue reading »

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The World reacts to the Panama Papers

Early this week the whole world was rocked by the Panama Papers which contained a giant leak of offshore financial records exposing a global array of crime and corruption. The paper was handed over to The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and included names of the Politicians, Criminals and the Rogue Industry That Hides Their Cash. Here … Continue reading »

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India Kolkata flyover collapse: A recurring tragedy

Firstly, my thoughts goes out to the people of Kolkata in India to those affected by the recent flyover tragedy and with the families of those who lost their lives. I understand that rescue efforts are continuing all night and emergency teams have been sent with sniffer dogs, concrete cutters, drilling machines and sensors to detect life. My concern … Continue reading »

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