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Personal Development

The biggest lie in in the sports and fitness industry about getting a six-pack

I recently found out that abdominal obesity specifically is very strongly associated with a higher risk of heart disease and heart attack since excess fat is being stored right near the chest. So I thought I’d get to work recently to reduce the bulge in front of my belly that slowly appeared over the recent few years. … Continue reading »

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9 in 10 emergency services personnel are affected by stress and mental health problems

It would be an understatement to say that during my 25 year career as a firefighter, I have experienced stress at some point whilst working for the emergency services. That’s why I was relived last week when I saw the report that said “ Mind research finds stress affect nine in ten emergency services personnel ”. It … Continue reading »

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Giving back to the international community

Before I retired from the London Fire Brigade as a firefighter last year, I was doing some travelling and preparing for what to do next. During my travels I thought “why not give back to the world by sharing my knowledge and skills in a developing country”. On my travels last year I was in … Continue reading »

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My life and my profession

As 2015 dawned I reflected on my life and my profession. Two thoughts kept coming to my mind — What did being a firefighter mean to me  and what inspired me to begun this career? Just before leaving school I always wanted to be a firefighter. It was my desire  to serve the people, especially in … Continue reading »

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Overcoming adversity — a difficult journey

I’m just in the process of reflecting back on the past year before creating goals for the forthcoming year and I was thinking back to which section of my book “Firefighting from within“ was the most difficult for me to write and what topics were the most sensitive to me. Three chapters of my book came … Continue reading »

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Thankful for blessings

With Christmas holidays coming up some people will be spending time with family and some won’t. Which ever the case it is a time to be thankful for blessings. Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs, the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones … Continue reading »

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