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Warm wishes from Dave Pamah this holiday season – Happy Holidays

As the days grow shorter and dimmer, there’s still light in our eyes and love in our hearts. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you, your family, your friends and your social media contacts the best for the holidays whichever ones you celebrate. The key to holiday joy is to share time with … Continue reading »

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Dave Pamah’s “Firefighting From Within” To Hit Asia Soon

Dave Pamah is set to release “Firefighting From Within” in Asia, bringing forth his work to help anyone, regardless of background, age, or location, fight against bullying. Pamah is not only set to launch his latest book in Asia, he will be signing the book on upcoming dates across the region. Millions of children, and … Continue reading »

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Workplace Bullying Needs to be Stamped Out!

You may have read that Uber founder and CEO Travis Kalanick announced his resignation recently. This followed months of chaos and revelations of a bullying and toxic corporate culture at Uber. When I saw this news item, it made me think about corporate culture and the major effect it can have on people. It made … Continue reading »

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How to Cope With Trauma

We are living through extraordinary times, the like of which we have never before experienced in the UK.  Our emergency services and hospital teams sweep into action after each atrocity to offer medical assistance to the injured and comfort those who suffered the ultimate loss.  For those who lost family members or sustained life-changing injuries, … Continue reading »

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Will there be any one held personally accountable for the London Fire?

I’ve had someone from China ask me the following question on the Quora website recently: “Will there be any one held personally accountable for London fire?” “If it were in China, all government officials in the same line of management would be fired. CEOs of the estate management company and the refurbish company would be in … Continue reading »

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Trump’s attack on my London mayor

In the wake of this weekend’s terrorist attack in London, President Trump took to Twitter, first spreading news reports of the attack, then boosting his calls for a “travel ban” from Muslim-majority countries, and finally continuing a personal vendetta against London’s mayor. White House denies Donald Trump picking fight with Sadiq Khan – video On … Continue reading »

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Intern opportunity

I am an author who has published a self-help book called “Firefighting from within”. I am looking for a dedicated self-starter who wants to positively influence the world using the tools of digital marketing and public relations. You will get a chance to learn how to launch a self-published best-seller and to build an influential … Continue reading »

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Bounce Back After a Crisis

Suffering a serious career crisis can have long-term consequences – but the surprise is that some consequences can be so positive that we feel grateful for the experience. Many people who have been through a “seismic” crisis say it led to a new lease of life, or a desire to learn or to help others. You can … Continue reading »

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The Firefighter Recovering

The number one step is to forgive yourself. You are not a defective piece of equipment. You are never a failure for your feelings. There is no dishonor in what you have experienced. In fact, many of the strongest, kindest, noblest firefighters I ever met had come through some terrible darkness and lived to see … Continue reading »

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Happy New Year 2017!

Best wishes for a bright and promising New Year 2017! We hope it is the best year ever for you filled with everything that makes you happy and keeps you safe. Happy New Year 2017! Sincerely yours,

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