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Cardiovascular fitness for golf

I wrote a blog last year explaining how running helped my firefighting career. Well, since I’ve retired as a firefighter I have been playing a lot of golf and I can say that running has also improved my golf too! Here is why: The aerobic cardiovascular system consists of the heart, lungs, and blood. This … Continue reading »

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I will not be competing at the 2017 World Police and Fire Games due to political boycott

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that I will not be competing at the 2017 World Police and Fire Games in Montreal, July 28 – August 6, 2017 for political reasons. As a retired firefighter, I am allowed to compete and was hoping to play in my new sport of golf there. I … Continue reading »

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Stop nationalism and racism in Sports

Partly why I left the UK ( and Europe ) last year was because of far right groups like like UKIP, National Front (NF) , British National Party ( BNP ). These racist and fascist groups are getting stronger as they aim at building their own evil networks across the continent. If you are from … Continue reading »

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Can golf shape a person?

I’ve just started playing golf again and the mind set reminds me how much this game shapes you as a person with regards to freedom, Health and energy, Mind mastery, Personal responsibility and Resilience. I have readers all over the world, and I know that, if you’re reading this blog, you probably made a commitment to … Continue reading »

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