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Look after your health and your health will look after you…

I haven’t been well lately and was hospitalized for 10 days until yesterday after having an operation to remove a bladder stone. ( See pics below ). It’s important to look after your general wellbeing, but it’s easy to forget to do this when you’re busy or distracted. Check out these easy tips for looking after … Continue reading »

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The ‘fightback’ on drugs in athletics

“The fightback has to start here, It is a declaration of war on my sport. There is nothing in our history of competence and integrity in drug-testing that warrants this kind of attack.”– said my former club mate Sebastian Coe, an IAAF vice-president and who won Olympic gold in the 1500m at the 1980 and … Continue reading »

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How You Can Dramatically Change Your Health in Just 10 Minutes

You don’t need to work out for hours at a time to dramatically improve your health. In fact, short bouts of exercise can be more effective at improving your aerobic fitness than longer workouts, as long as they’re done right. Having good aerobic fitness is extremely important for firefighters to avoid having a heart attack … Continue reading »

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Fighting More Than Fire: Firefighters Battling Cancer and Heart Attacks

Firefighters face a much higher risk of heart attacks when battling a blaze — up to 100 times the normal rate — and are more likely to be struck while performing less-strenuous tasks, like cleaning up debris from a fire. But heart attacks are not the only health threat plaguing firefighters — fire service personnel … Continue reading »

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The biggest lie in in the sports and fitness industry about getting a six-pack

I recently found out that abdominal obesity specifically is very strongly associated with a higher risk of heart disease and heart attack since excess fat is being stored right near the chest. So I thought I’d get to work recently to reduce the bulge in front of my belly that slowly appeared over the recent few years. … Continue reading »

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9 in 10 emergency services personnel are affected by stress and mental health problems

It would be an understatement to say that during my 25 year career as a firefighter, I have experienced stress at some point whilst working for the emergency services. That’s why I was relived last week when I saw the report that said “ Mind research finds stress affect nine in ten emergency services personnel ”. It … Continue reading »

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Can golf shape a person?

I’ve just started playing golf again and the mind set reminds me how much this game shapes you as a person with regards to freedom, Health and energy, Mind mastery, Personal responsibility and Resilience. I have readers all over the world, and I know that, if you’re reading this blog, you probably made a commitment to … Continue reading »

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