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Tagged With: Racisim

Should Donald Trump be barred entry into the UK?

Here in the UK, tens of thousands of people have signed a petition calling on MPs to impose a bar on Mr Trump. It follows the Republican frontrunner’s call for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on”. Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric extended … Continue reading »

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Story behind the viral video: Mother beats son for throwing rocks at police in Baltimore

A Baltimore mother saw her son throwing rocks at police on television during the recent riots. When Michael Singleton’s mother spotted him joining Baltimore protesters wielding a rock and wearing a mask on Monday, the world witnessed his punishment. Toya Graham pulled at and slapped her son as news cameras rolled. The incident was caught on camera and … Continue reading »

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Stop nationalism and racism in Sports

Partly why I left the UK ( and Europe ) last year was because of far right groups like like UKIP, National Front (NF) , British National Party ( BNP ). These racist and fascist groups are getting stronger as they aim at building their own evil networks across the continent. If you are from … Continue reading »

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Why I regret whistle-blowing (And Maybe You Should Too)

Whistle-blowers are usually motivated by a sense of social justice. It can be an act of free speech. It can also destroy your life — something that almost happened to me. Before I go there, let me just point out the most startling example of this in recent times. That is none other than US whistle-blower, Edward … Continue reading »

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The ugly truth about racism in sports

After a week where racism raised its ugly head in football as Chelsea fans abused a man in the Paris Metro station, Mo Farah also added his own anecdote of discrimination.  The BBC Sport reported last Friday that Olympic champion Farah had hit out at Great Britain team-mate Andy Vernon after an implied racial slur from Vernon. … Continue reading »

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The Oscar’s has been hit by a racist row

I’ll keep this blog sweet and short this week. I do have a reputation for being a political bruiser when it comes to race issues so I thought it would be appropriate for me to comment on the latest race row i.e. the row following the Oscars nomination announcement a few days ago.  All 20 … Continue reading »

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Why I quit running

Recently I have been interacting with a Facebook group that I was invited to a while ago called  ’I was, or am a runner’. The group posts includes past and present results, vintage and present photographs and a bit of fun. They also have various debates about contemporary and past issues. One thing I found … Continue reading »

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