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Can rapid urbanisation act as a catalyst for development and growth in Africa?

More than half of Africans could live in cities by 2050, but how will this affect development? Well I am a British citizen through birth and I also have Mauritius Citizenship through my father and I can only give you my take — Mauritius is a model of true democracy for every African country. It’s … Continue reading »

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The recent Bangkok bombings

A bomb attack in one of my favourite city, Bangkok took place on 17 August 2015 outside the Erawan Shrine where twenty-three people were killed and 123 were injured.   A second incident happened a day later on the 18th (yesterday) and there were no casualties. Of course my thoughts goes out to all those affected … Continue reading »

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Can golf shape a person?

I’ve just started playing golf again and the mind set reminds me how much this game shapes you as a person with regards to freedom, Health and energy, Mind mastery, Personal responsibility and Resilience. I have readers all over the world, and I know that, if you’re reading this blog, you probably made a commitment to … Continue reading »

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